Help busy families to organize their home, one space at a time

Welcome to Ceiling to Floor Organizing!

I'm so glad you are considering working with me to transform your home and create a beautifully organized home.

I will help you discover the style that best matches your family and design a system that will create a space where you no longer will worry about stress and clutter.

The process begins with a connection call which is FREE. On this call/zoom We will go over your space, and what you want for it. We will determine what organization style will help make the clutter free lifestyle stick.

At the first session, We will focus on Decluttering. We work together to make this process as painless as possible and you determine final choices when it comes to decluttering items.

Once decluttering is complete, I will design and implement a system which will work to contain items in a way that goes with your style of organizing. We will discuss the look of the space, and then I will get to work. You are welcome to stay, or you can find a place to relax and enjoy some free time and I will surprise you with a completed final project.

Online sessions are available and although the process is similar, it is more of a coaching session. We will discuss issues and custom design a look for the space together over zoom. I will be there as you do the organizing for support, accountability and questions. If the project will take more than one session, we will discuss if there's stuff for you to accomplish before the next session. Virtual Sessions are 1 hr in length and includes 4 sessions. If you are needing longer sessions please message me and we can work out something.

I offer clutter coaching/maintenance which allows 30 min weekly check in to see how the organization style is working for you and includes homework for the week. Your first session is included in the virtual session flat fee.


* Connection Call is free.

*Hourly price is $55

*I offer 3 packages which offer a discount. All packages include declutter, planning, shopping needed and organizing. It also includes a 30 min maintenance check in a week after project is finished to see how it's working for you and offer any quick tips if needed.

Package 1: 10 hour for $500

Package 2: 20 hour for $900

Package 3: 30 hour for $1200

Message now to hear how getting organized can simplify your life and ease stress!

Make impactful statement through organization